Setting up the Kenwood TS-570 series transceivers for PSk31 (also works for SSTV)

1: You will need a PC (or laptop) with a Soundblaster (or equivalent) sound card. It should have line in and out jacks.

2: Procure a 13 pin connector for the 570's ACC2 connector. Cut off all unused pins to make soldering easier.

3: Pinouts:

                3 - AF OUTPUT, connects to the soundblaster LINE IN.

                11 - AF INPUT, connects to the soundblaster LINE OUT (not speaker out).

                9 - PTT control. Use circuit on this page . The mic is NOT live when this pin is used.

                8 - Chassis ground. Connect the ptt gound and both AF INPUT and AF OUTPUT shields to this pin.

4: Menu 34 on the 570 controls the AF input level. Menu 33 controls the AF output level. Make sure you do not overdrive the 570.

5: Make sure you do each step and check it out to make sure it works. ie: connect the AF OUTPUT first, run the PSK program, and make sure you are receiving data. Then do the same with the PTT (into a dummy load), to make sure transmit and receive work. The the AF INPUT (into a dummy load) and make sure the ptt is in transmit.

Good luck, 73 & see you on PSK 31.


1999-2006 Ken Kaplan WB2ART