Q Signals for Morse Code (CW)
Q Signal Used as a Question Used as a Reply
QRA What is the name of your station ? The name of my station is...
QRB How far approximately are you from my station ? The approximate distance between our stations is........nautical miles (or.... kilometers)
QRC Not used Not Used
QRD Where are you bound and where are you coming from? I am bound ___ from ___.
QRE What is your estimated time of arrival at...(place)? My estimated time of arrival at ...(place) is .. hours.
QRF Are you returning to...(place)? I am returning to ...(place)
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of....) ? Your exact frequency (or that of...) is ...Khz (or Mhz)
QRH Does my frequency vary ? Your frequency varies.
QRI How is the tone of my transmission ? The tone of your transmission is ... 1 = good. 2 = variable. 3 = bad
QRJ Are you receiving me badly? I cannot receive you, your signal is too weak.
QRK What is the readability of my signals ? The readability of your signals is..... 1 = bad. 2 = poor. 3 = fair. 4 = good. 5 = excellent.
QRL Are you busy ? I am busy
QRM Are you being interfered ? I am being interfered with: 1 = nil. 2 = slightly. 3 = moderately. 4 = severely. 5 = extremely.
QRN Are you troubled by static ? I am troubled by static 1 = nil. 2 = slightly. 3 = moderately. 4 = severely. 5 = extremely.
QRO Shall I increase transmitter power ? Increase transmitter power.
QRP Shall I decrease transmitter power ? Decrease transmitter power.
QRQ Shall I send faster ? Send faster (or ... words per minute).
QRR Are you ready for automatic operation? I am ready for automatic operation. Send at ___ WPM.
QRS Shall I send more slowly ? Send more slowly (or ... words per minute).
QRT Shall I stop sending ? Stop sending.
QRU Have you anything for me ? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready ? I am ready.
QRW Shall I inform...that you are calling him on...khz (or...Mhz)?. Please inform...that I am calling him on...khz(or...Mhz)
QRX When will you call me again ? I will call you again at...hours (on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QRY What is my turn ? Your turn is number....(or according to any other indication).
QRZ Who is calling me ? You are being called by...(on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QSA What is the strength of my signals ? The strength of your signals (or those of ...) is... 1 = scarcely perceptible. 2 = weak. 3 = fairly good. 4 = good. 5 = very good.
QSB Are my signals fading ? Your signals are fading.
QSC Not used Not Used
QSD Is my keying defective ? Your keying is defective.
QSE Not used Not used
QSF Not used Not Used
QSG Shall I send ___ messages at a time? Send ___ messages at a time.
QSH Not used Not Used
QSI Not used Not Used
QSJ What is the charge to be collected per word to ___ including your international telegraph charge? The charge to be collected per word is ___ including my international telegraph charge.
QSK Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission ? I can hear you between my signals;break in on my transmission
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt ? I am acknowledging receipt.
QSM Shall I repeate the last message which I sent you? Repeat the last message.
QSN Did you hear me on ___ kHz? I did hear you on ___ kHz.
QSO Can you communicate with...? I can communicate with...direct (or by relay through...).
QSP Will you relay to...? I will relay to...
QSQ Have you a doctor on board? (or is ___ on board?) I have a doctor on board (or ___ is on board.)
QSR Not used Not Used
QSS Not used Not Used
QST Is there any message for radio-hams ? Here follows a message for radio-hams
QSU Shall I send or reply on this frequency ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz))? Send or reply on this frequency ? (on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QSV Shall I send a series of V''s on this frequency ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz))? Send a series of V''s on this frequency ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QSW Will you send on this frequency ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz))? I am going to send on this frequency ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QSX Will you listen to...? I am listening to ...(call signs) on ...khz (or Mhz).
QSY Shall I transmit on an other frequency ? Transmit on an other frequency. ( or on ...khz (or ...Mhz)).
QSZ Shall I send each word or group more than once? Send each word or group twice (or ___ times.)
QTA Shall I cancel message number ___? Cancel message number ___.
QTB Do you agree with my counting of words? I do not agree with your counting of words. I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.
QTC How many messages have you for me ? I have...messages for you.
QTD Not used Not Used
QTE What is my true bearing from you? Your true bearing from me is ___ degrees.
QTF Not used Not Used
QTG Will you send two dashes of 10 seconds each followed by your call sign? I am going to send two dashes of 10 seconds each followed by my call sign.
QTH What is your position ? My position is...
QTI What is your true track? My true track is ___ degrees.
QTJ What is your speed? My speed is ___ km/h.
QTK Not used Not Used
QTL What is your true heading? My true heading is ___ degrees.
QTM Not used Not Used
QTN At what time did you depart from ___? I departed from ___ at ___ hours.
QTO Have you left dock (or port)? I have left dock (or port).
QTP Are you going to enter dock (or port)? I am goin gto enter dock (or port.)
QTQ Can you communicate with my station by meains of the International Code of Signals? I am going to communicate with your staion by means of the International Code of Signals.
QTR What is the correct time (in UTC) ? The correct time is...(in UTC).
QTS Will you send your call sign for ___ minutes so that your frequency can be measured? I will send my call sign for ___ minutes so that my frequency may be measured.
QTT Not used Not Used
QTU What are the hours during which your station is open? My station is open from ___ hours to ___ hours.
QTV Shall I stand guard for you on the frequency of ___ kHz? Stand guard for me on the frequency of ___ kHz.
QTW Not used Not Used
QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication with me? I will keep my station open for further communication with you.
QTY Not used Not Used
QTZ Not used Not Used
QUA Have you news of ___? I have news of ___.
QUB Can you give me information concering visibility, height of cluds, direction and velocity of ground wind at ___? Here is the information you requested...
QUC What is the number of the last message you received from me? The number of the last message I received from you is ___.
QUD Have you received the urgency signal sent by ___? I have received the urgency signal sent by ___.
QUE Not used Not Used
QUF Have you received the distress signal sent by ___? I have received the distress signal sent by ___.
QUG Will you be forced to land? I am forced to land immediately.
QUH Will you give me the present barometric pressure? The present barometric pressure is ___ (units).
QUI Not used Not Used
QUJ Not used Not Used
QUK Not used Not Used
QUL Not used Not Used
QUM May I resume normal working? Normal working may be resumed.

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